Great wine starts with great vineyards.

Oregon’s Willamette Valley is an incredible place to make sparkling wine. Our volcanic and marine sedimentary soils can produce a huge range of flavor profiles. Our geography provides stunning hillside sites with just the right balance of sun exposure and marine influence. And our cool nights help the fruit retain lots of zingy acidity without sacrificing ripeness.

We seek out marginal sites that are especially suited to sparkling. Through their cooler climates and slower ripening, these vineyards create more delicate wines with higher acidity and outstanding quality.


Thoughtful, sustainable farming practices are essential.

We work with gifted growers and farmers who are committed to farming sustainably—whether organically, biodynamically, or LIVE certified. As of 2019, all our vineyards are herbicide free.

We think it’s the right thing to do. And we think it makes the wines taste better too.


The grapes should speak for themselves.

Our goal is simple. We want to showcase the beauty of our Oregon home by finding the very best grapes—then staying out of the way as much as we can.

To create the purest expression of each vineyard, we manipulate our wines as little as possible. We are simply guides on their path to becoming delicious, delicious bubbles.


Great things take time.

Traditionally, sparkling wine is bottle-aged for much longer than still wine before release. As the wine rests on the lees, very slow chemical reactions create incredible complexity and texture that you just can’t get any other way. It can take years, or sometimes even decades.

All our wines age a minimum of six months in barrel and 18 months on the lees, just like Champagne.

But we’re patient. We are committed to letting our wines develop at their own pace. After all—good things come to those who wait.