Our Story

We founded Corollary Wines with a singular mission: to make world-class sparkling wine in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

Getting to that point, though, wasn’t exactly a straight line. We started learning about sparkling wine the traditional way—by drinking a lot of it. (#truth.) Then we began doing more structured tastings. Eventually we found ourselves planning trips to visit our favorite Champagne grower-producers. We read a lot of books. After a few more years, on a whim, we tried making some traditional-method sparkling cider in our garage. And it turned out great!

That’s when we started thinking about getting serious about bubbles. Through spending time in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, near Jeanne’s hometown of Beaverton, we realized that Oregon has the perfect geography and climate to produce amazing sparkling wines. When we began talking with growers and winemakers in the area about our ideas, we discovered an incredibly open, welcoming wine community. So finally, after years of preparation, we made the leap in 2017 and produced our first vintage.

We currently produce about 700 cases annually in the beautiful Dundee Hills. We don’t yet have any wines available for release, but if you sign up for our mailing list you’ll be the first to hear when we do.

In the meantime, feel free to drop us a line to geek out over bubbles—or just to say hi.


Jeanne + Dan

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